Luxury 1bed/1bath Apartment Home in North Billerica

You know when you have found, the One. Your heart races. Pupils dilate. There’s a bounce in your step. Find the One, luxury apartment home of your dreams at the Alexan 3 North in North Billerica. Indulge in luxury apartment features of your deepest heart’s desire. Find perfect comfort and relaxation every day. Live in a home that helps you. Share your good fortune with your friends. Treat them to a long weekend of community amenities. Make every second count. Choose the floorplan and layout that helps you live the life you want.  There is also a life worth living just outside your door. Your new neighborhood is filled with your favorite places – just waiting to be discovered. Spend a long day sharing your luxury apartment community with your friends. Spend your night on the town...

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North Billerica

Impressive Italian Cuisine near North Billerica

Italian food can apply to so many occasions and tastes, it’s a frequent favorite among many families. You can set up a fancy, romantic dinner over a fresh plate of chicken parmesan at a beautiful restaurant or...

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North Billerica Apartments

North Billerica Apartments with a Hassle-Free Lifestyle

No one likes to be bogged down by responsibilities, but as adults it seems to happen whether we like it or not. People spend hours at their jobs earning enough funds to cover their bills and groceries, and while...

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Billerica Apartments

Billerica Apartments to Bask in Relaxation

Let’s face it: as much as we want to have all the energy in the world to work on our assignments at the office, hang out with all our friends, and get all our chores done before they pile up into an...

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Studio Apartments

Alloy: Stylish Studio Apartments in Billerica

Studio apartments are the unsung heroes of the apartment team. What they lack in size, they make up for in their ingenuity and open spaces, perfect for arranging your home furniture however you like while learning to...

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